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Echex International specializes in the exportation and importation of goods and services internationally. We are the industries leading experts on expanding businesses to other countries Including Africa. We represent businesses trying to compete with

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Are you in the U.S.A looking for any product from Africa? Are you in Africa trying to import anything from U.S.A? We are here for you, all you need to do is call

Food & Beverage

ECHEX International, LLC are importers and exporters of both food and beverages. Our main industries are Corn, Wine, Tea, and Nuts. If you are interested in importing food and beverages from Africa, or exporting

All Goods

ECHEX International, LLC will help you export or import a multitude of goods including but not limited to: Food and Beverages, Automotives, Computer and Technology Supplies, and other Miscellaneous items. If you are interested



The experts at Echex International helped me grow my business using a multitude of techniques! I am so grateful for their advice and services that helped me expand my business to Africa. I would reccomend anyone looking to grow their business to a new, global, market to contact Echex. They worked hard for me!

Jason D.