Basic Package

• Benefits – 100+ Top 10 Search Engine Rankings For Your Website

• Benefits – 12 Months Guaranteed Search Engine Inclusion Monitoring Included As Part Of This Package

• Benefits – Targeted Analysis Of Your Website Providing Results Across All Major Search Engines

• Benefits – Your Website Will Be Listed On Major Search Engines In Your Country In Just 48 Hours


• Immediate Discount Guarantee – If your website is currently listed or being refreshed every 48 hours across Google, MSN Bing!, Yahoo and other search engines as part of any existing website guaranteed inclusion programyou will be entitled to an immediate discount on this website promotion and search engine optimization package. Simply notify us directly after secured purchase for a refund to be instantly applied.

• Bronze 12 Month Guarantee – The Bronze promotion package features 12 months guaranteed search engine inclusion, 1st page rankings and listings as standard, which includes; Google, Yahoo, AskJeeves, Lycos, Excite and MSN Bing! as well as many more, ongoing for 12 entire months, without exception.

• 100+ Top 10 & Top 3 Rankings For 1 Year – We will work to achieve for your website, in excess of 100+ top 10 and top 3 ranking placements across every single major search engine. Using in-house search engine optimization, that will be completed in just 24 hours, and as part of our 100% Refund Guarantee pledge, your website will be ranked on the very 1st page of all of the following major search engines; these include; Google, Yahoo, AskJeeves, AOL, Lycos, Excite, MSN Bing!, Hotbot, Infospace, AltaVista, AllTheWeb, ixQuick, Webcrawler, Mamma, Netscape, Metacrawler and many more search engines. We believe this is one of the most powerful online marketing and website promotion campaigns available as 100+ top 10 and top 3 rankings in these search engines will ensure that your website is seen on the very first page of results every time. As part of this promotion package we will work to attain the first set of both top 10 and top 3 rankings, in every major search engine, once our optimization code is complete within just 24 hours, guaranteeing you the fastest 1st page ranking results in every search engine – or your money back.

• 100+ Top 3 Country Specific Rankings – If you would like to be specific in your top 3 ranking promotion and target search engines in the country where you conduct the most business, such as in the search engines in your own country (USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Europe, Asia etc.) we are happy to undertake this for you. Alternatively you could be truly global and instruct us to attain top 3 rankings across the world, and if this is your requirement, we will attain 100+ top 10 rankings for your website, globally.

• Search Engine Optimization – We use our full technical experience to fully analyze and optimize your entire website. A professional Impact Search Media technician, with over 10 years experience, will determine exactly how we can get your website ranking higher across all major search engines and will then utilize this data so as to help achieve maximum placement for your website, in only top 3 and top 10 ranking positions.

• Search Engine Ranking Position – We will provide you with detailed reports on your search engine URL and page saturation statistics from search engines across the globe, as well as providing you with a detailed breakdown of all activities that have taken place as part of your promotion. You will be kept fully up-to-date.

• Keyword Variation Request – If you would like certain types of keywords/phrases to be used to find your website within the search engines as listed at the top of this page, you will be presented with the option to provide a full description of your website just after your payment. Our technicians will then fully analyze all of your details and formulate 100’s of targeted ranking variations, specifically matched to your description that will help us attain for your website, 100+ top rankings, across all of the most important search engines.

Price: $399.99 USA As Part Of The Bronze Package You Are Enrolled Upon Our Upgrade 1 Solution And Will Receive One Full Month Completely Free Of Charge. You will then be invoiced monthly in the amount of $69.99 per month. You Are Then Free To Cancel At Anytime Without Notice.