Executive Package

Business Best delivers you 1,000+ top 10 results across every single major search engine, in just days.

Would you like your website fully linked to through a professionally OPTIMIZED presell technique, that is guaranteed to be listed across every single major search engine?

How about if the same OPTIMIZED presell page was guaranteed to be ranked top 10 in Google, Excite, AOL and MSN Bing! in just 5 days with a full 100% refund guarantee?

BENEFIT 1 • GUARANTEED 1,000+ Search Engine Ranking Positions In 5 Days – Now with over 1,000+ top 10 ranking exposure positions in just 5 days, and with absolutely no changes to your website (ideal for any site that does not wish to make changes to its content or affiliates, as Business Best works with any affiliate link), you can get to the top of Google, AOL, Excite, MSN Bing! and every major search engine, with 1,000+ 1st page positioning rankings in less than 1 week, together with large-scale additional visibility in the country/countries of your choice (or worldwide) you can expect nothing less than success with Business Best from Impact Search Media in just 5 days. We have teamed with one of the internets newest and greatest website content presell sites to create you a 1,000+ top 10 ranking website presell page, that delivers visitors directly to your website from over 1,000+ top search engine ranking positions, in just 5 days.

BENEFIT 2 • GUARANTEED 24 Hour 1,000+ Ranking Activation – To deliver to you 1,000+ top 10 ranking exposure positions in just 5 days (with a Google guarantee) an experienced optimization presell article writer will craft and re-structure your exclusive content hosted website presell page on your behalf, specifically re-designing it to ensure that over 1,000 top 10 rankings are achieved in less than 1 week. Unlike any traditional search engine optimization, website promotion and marketing or public relations and press release services offered by the average SEO or PR agency, the Business Best campaign from Impact Search Media is very different, in that we craft a 100% fully OPTIMIZED presell page that is featured on a leading internet content site, and that achieves for you over 1,000+ first page rankings – with massive exposure guaranteed.

BENEFIT 3• Ph. D Level Optimization – 1,000+ top 10 ranking exposure even faster, through an entirely different approach, we will utilize trained Ph. D level qualified, or experienced (10 year+) writers to undertake your entirely separate offsite content creation, that is utilized to attain full top 10 ranking exposure for your website, in 1 week. To describe the Business Best promotion would be to simply state it is one of the quickest, forceful and totally global means of attaining 1,000’s of top 10 rankings, helping to place your site in front of your new customers. Business Best produces results and delivers in less than 1 week – or we refund your fee.

BENEFIT 4 • Absolutely No Changes To Your Website (Works With Affiliates Too) – The Business Best promotion is constructed to deliver visitors directly to your site through iFraming. Delivering 1,000’s of top 10 search engine rankings for a visitor-friendly & website linked presell page, which is ‘iFramed’ to launch your website immediately, it allows new visitors to flow through this to your website. The method utilized by Business Best is a guaranteed way of bringing coverage to your website in the major search engines as it features inclusion in just days. Business Best really is dedicated to making your business a success – in 5 days.

• 1,000+ Top 10 Rankings In 5 Days – Business Best is not only specific to attaining the very best possible exposure within every single major search engine, a highly sought after element of Business Best is the fact you can receive results in less than 1 week – and the main focus of the entire campaign is Google, Yahoo, AskJeeves, AOL, Lycos, Excite, MSN Bing!, Hotbot, Infospace, AltaVista, AllTheWeb, ixQuick, Webcrawler, Mamma, Netscape, Metacrawler and every other major search engine. With Business Best you get the results you need in just 5 days.

• Online Account Management – To ensure that you have the securest means to transact your payment and to manage your financial account, we utilize WorldPay, part of the Royal Bank Of Scotland Group. You can now join Business Best 24 hours a day.

• Top 10 Positioning In Every Major Search Engine – Business Best provides every website the opportunity of attaining 1,000’s of top 10 and top 3 positions with its very own content hosted presell page, that launches your website directly to the end user/customer. By drawing new visitors through guaranteed search engine inclusion for your OPTIMIZED website presell pages it provides you with a new age form of instant and guaranteed online visibility – that most websites can only dream about, and of course with absolutely no changes made to your website, neither now nor ever.

REMEMBER • Google In 1 Week (A Pledge We Stand By) – Business Best provides you with truly spectacular results in Google in just 5 days. We know of no other company or website promotion firm that  provides 1,000+ top 10 ranking positions through state of the art presell pages in just 5 days. We team with one of the most advanced content sites on the internet to deliver you the results, and with an almost instant account activation process, we will begin work the very same day that you join with us. Google, AOL, Excite, MSN Bing! will all soon see your state of the art website presell page in the top 10, with a full refund guarantee backing up our entire service.

Price: $999.00. As Part Of The Business Package You Will Receive One Full Month Completely Free Of Charge. You will then be invoiced monthly in the amount of $99.99 per month. You Are Then Free To Cancel At Anytime Without Notice. Once your payment has been completed contact us. Please be sure to include your Domain name and best contact phone number.