Professional Package

• Benefits – 300+ Top 10 Search Engine Rankings For Your Website

• Benefits – Life Time Guaranteed Search Engine Inclusion Monitoring Included As Part Of This Package

• Benefits – 300+ Top 3 Search Engine Positions Achieved For You In Every Single Search Engine

• Benefits – Option For 10,000+ New Visitors To Be Sent Directly To Your Website Within Just Days


• Next Day Activation FREE – Within just 24 hours of you joining us at Dynamics Corp we will already have automatically assessed your top 10 ranking campaign and assigned it to a technician to deliver for your website, both top 3 and top 10 search engine rankings, across all major search engines. The new Dynamics Corp 15 minute activation pledge is your guarantee that within just 15 minutes we will already have assigned the work required, to achieve first page exposure for your website in not just Google, Yahoo, AOL, AskJeeves, Lycosand MSN Bing!, but in every single search engine that matters to making your promotion a real success. A 24 hour activation means we get to work faster, to attain results for you faster. Join us today for guaranteed 24 hours activation.

• Immediate Discount Guarantee – If your website is currently listed or being refreshed every 48 hours across Google, MSN Bing!, Yahoo and other search engines as part of any existing website guaranteed inclusion program you will be entitled to an immediate discount on this website promotion and search engine optimization package. Simply notify us directly after secured purchase for a refund to be instantly applied.

• Gold 12 Month Guarantee – The Gold promotion package features 12 months guaranteed search engine inclusion, 1st page rankings and listings as standard, which includes; Google, Yahoo, AOL, AskJeeves, Lycos, Excite and MSN Bing! as well as many more, ongoing for 12 entire months, without exception.

• 300+ Top 10 & Top 3 Rankings For 1 Year – We will work to achieve for your website, in excess of 300+ top 10 and top 3 ranking placements across every single major search engine. Using in-house search engine optimization, that will be completed in just 24 hours, and as part of our 100% Refund Guarantee pledge, your website will be ranked on the very 1st page of all of the following major search engines; these include; Google, Yahoo, AskJeeves, AOL, Lycos, Excite, MSN Bing!, Hotbot, Infospace, AltaVista, AllTheWeb, ixQuick, Webcrawler, Mamma, Netscape, Metacrawler and many more search engines.

We believe this is one of the most powerful online marketing and website promotion campaigns available as 300+ top 10 and top 3 rankings in these search engines will ensure that your website is seen on the very first page of results every time. As part of the Gold promotion package we will work to attain the first set of both top 10 and top 3 rankings, in every major search engine, once our optimization code is complete within 24 hours, guaranteeing you the fastest 1st page ranking results in every search engine – or your money back.

• 24 Hour Activation – Within just 15 minutes of you joining us at Dynamics Corp we will already have automatically assessed your top 10 ranking campaign and assigned it to a technician to deliver for your website, 300+ top 3 and top 10 search engine rankings, across all major search engines. Our 15 minute activation pledge is your guarantee that within just 15 minutes we will already have assigned all of the work required, to achieve 300+ rankings for your website in not just Google, Yahoo, AOL, AskJeeves, Lycos, Excite and MSN Bing!, but in every single search engine that matters. A 15 minute activation also means we get to work faster that anyone else, to attain results for you faster, guaranteeing success extremely quickly.

• 48 Hour Guarantee – We guarantee that your website will be listed in many major search engines within just 2 days of our top 10 ranking optimization work being complete. No longer must you wait weeks for your website to be listed in many of the major search engines and, we will ensure that your website is then fully refreshed in these engines every 48 hours for 1 whole year, assuring that your updated content is made available every 2 days. To guarantee this 2 day search engine listing pledge we implement a direct submit process through major search engine networks, which then cascades through many more in just 48 hours.              

• Email, SMS Or IM Top 3 Ranking Updates Dynamics Corp was the first and only website promotion and top 10 search engine ranking service provider to deliver to our customers optional and LIVE campaign updates to your cellular / mobile phone, anywhere in the world. 100% optional and 100% free of charge we can update you every step of the way by SMS (text message updates) or through MSN IM, AOL IM or Google Talk Instant Messenger, so that you can stay completely in control. This means that we can update you LIVE, directly to your PC, laptop or mobile phone by either email, SMS or even Instant Messenger.

• 10,000+ Unique New Visitors Guaranteed – We 100% guarantee to deliver at least 10,000+ targeted and new unique visitors to your website (true potential customers), beginning just 24 hours from the final completion and reporting of all top 10 and top 3 search engine ranking positions. Whatever your website, its products or the service you provide; we can have it uniquely targeted to guarantee new visitors within just hours. This element of service includes our 100% Refund Guarantee pledge, ensuring your satisfaction.

• 300+ Top 3 Country Specific Rankings – If you would like to be specific in your top 3 ranking promotion and target search engines in the country where you conduct the most business, such as in the search engines in your own country (USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Europe, Asia etc.) we are happy to undertake this for you. Alternatively you could be truly global and instruct us to attain top 3 rankings across the world, and if this is your requirement, we will attain 300+ top 10 rankings for your website, globally.

• Guaranteed Search Engine Listings – We guarantee to get your site listed in all major search engines throughout the USA, UK, Canada and globally through either 48 hour guaranteed priority inclusion or 100% purely natural search engine submission. All major search engines are included with Google, Yahoo, AOL,Excite, AskJeeves, Webcrawler, Mamma,Lycos, Netscape, Hotbot, Go!, Metacrawler, MSN Bing! and all others submitted to within hours of you joining us, assuring total visibility and guaranteed listings.

• Keyword Analysis – We have full access to some of the most specific search terms people all over the world are using to find websites right across the internet. Whatever your website content, we will integrate an up-to the minute and relevant list of hundreds of keywords and phrases into your website promotion campaign, so as to assist in the provision of both top 10 and top 3 ranking positions in the worlds largest search engines. Further, if you have any keywords you would like us to work towards attaining you can simply provide these to your dedicated representative immediately after you have joined with us.

• Search Engine Optimization – We use our full technical experience to fully analyze and optimize your entire website. A professional Impact Search Media technician, with over 10 years experience, will determine exactly how we can get your website ranking higher across all major search engines and will then utilize this data so as to help achieve maximum placement for your website, in only top 3 and top 10 ranking positions.              

• Link Popularity Increase (LinkWrap) – A contributing factor of top 3 and top 10 rankings is the build-up of increased incoming links across the web. This is an element of service that helps to increase either the number of links to your website or its ranking, as well as its link popularity. Your representative will submit your website to a suite of quality sites for placement of links to you. Long-term this will reap dividends for your website and its placement, as search engines such as Google and others including Yahoo and AOL place much emphasis on your inclusion in certain directories, by improving its search engine link popularity.

• Search Engine Ranking Position – We will provide you with detailed reports on your search engine URL and page saturation statistics from search engines across the globe, as well as providing you with a detailed breakdown of all activities that have taken place as part of your promotion. You will be kept fully up-to-date.

300+ Top 10 Media Rankings – A professional writer can craft, optimize and structure a fully exclusive media release on your behalf, drawing the qualities of your site, services and products that you offer into top 10 rankings though media optimization. If you would prefer this element of service to lead to 1,000+ top 10 search engine ranking positions within just days you can now upgrade this element of marketing to feature our brand new ‘Business Best’ promotion. Simply click here for details of this completely optional upgrade.

• Your Main Competitor – We will compare your website against your nearest 3 competitors and optimize it specifically to help attain rankings that are higher than all of them in the search engine listings. As part of Upgrade 1 we can then constantly report on your site upon request, to ensure it maintains top 10 rankings.

• Keyword Variation Request – If you would like certain types of keywords/phrases to be used to find your website within the search engines as listed at the top of this page, you will be presented with the option to provide a full description of your website just after your payment. Our technicians will then fully analyze all of your details and formulate 100’s of targeted ranking variations, specifically matched to your description that will help us attain for your website, 300+ top rankings, across all of the most important search engines.
• LIFE TIME Guarantee FREE – With Impact Search Media .net’s brand new and exclusive search engine submission and listings pledge we now provide you with a full life time guarantee, ensuring that once you become our customer we will provide your website with a guaranteed search engine submission and listing service for the life time of your website. Combined with the top 10 and top 3 ranking benefits provided to your website as part of this package, the Impact Search Media .net life time submission and listings guarantee will ensure you never have to be concerned about your site being submitted through to major search engines. We deliver to you a website promotion campaign that not only delivers right now, but that will benefit you for years to come, with a full life time total listing guarantee.


• EXCLUSIVE SALE OFFER– For a limited time, and now exclusively as part of this website promotion and search engine optimization package, you will receive our upgrade 2, 3, 4 & Dynamics Corp solutions inclusive for 12 months AND upgrade solution 1 free for 1 full month.

Price: $999.99 USA As Part Of The Gold Package You Are Enrolled Upon Our Upgrade 1 Solution And You Will Receive One Full Month Completely Free Of Charge. You will then be invoiced monthly in the amount of 129.99 per month. You Are Then Free To Cancel At Anytime Without Notice. Once your payment has been completed contact us.