Smart Contracts Integrated Websites

Dynamics Corp integrates websites with smart contract technology using blockchain to deploy the following services: NFT Deployment, Staking, Token Services and Smart Contracts. Rewards points are connected to purchases and transactions made on the websites using woocommerce and are deployed with WP smart contracts that are tokenize and connected to a blockchain. Each client has its own token. 

NFT: Explore the possibilities of NFT Smart Contracts

Create an NFT smart contract tailored to your vision. Choose from an array of flavors, including Mochi, Matcha, Suika, Yuzu, Azuki, and Ikasumi.

Staking: Enhance your project’s tokenomics with Staking

Enter the world of Staking with ease. Our wizard lets you create a Staking smart contract effortlessly. Pick from our flavorful options like Ube and Almond.

Tokens: Create your own digital assets

Become a part of the digital revolution by designing your own cryptocurrency, token or asset. With flavors like Macadamia, Chocolate, Vanilla, and Pistachio.

Token Services: Empower your project with token services

Unlock a world of token possibilities with our user-friendly interface. Seamlessly deploy ICOs, manage secure Funds Vault, and distribute Airdrops with ease.