What is SEO? And how do I get in the top 10 of Google?

The biggest components to Google indexing your website and then ranking your website is your use of relevant Keyword content throughout your titles, descriptions and body of each webpage on your website. It is best to implement your Keyword content during the design process of your website to assure that your website is relevant from the moment that Google and other website spiders first read your website for keywords. If you already have a website, we can refresh your content and upgrade your website’s titles and descriptions to make sure your site contains more keywords. The goal is to make sure your site utilizes the keywords that people on the internet are using to find service offerings relative to your business.

99% of website companies and designers do either two things.

They attempt to optimize ONLY the homepage of your websites or they overlook vital keywords that your business needs in order to appear high in the search engines or to appear at all. This oftentimes forces a business to have to use Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising to make sure they appear on the first page for certain keywords. As you may or may not already know, pay per click advertising can be effective but requires a large capital investment to truly measure conversions from website traffic. When we create a website that contains multiple pages of relevant content, that are created properly for search engine rankings, you can eliminate the need for costly PPC campaigns and page inclusion services.

We do offer guaranteed page inclusion applications to assure that your website organically appears in search engines. 

When it comes to Social Media Marketing and Online Commerce we have services that are above ALL industry standards and cannot be matched by any firm. This is a bold statement but again the services that we offer are far superior to any other company’s offerings. We can create eCommerce platforms that are completely scale-able and are designed to allow consumers to easily purchase products through social media platforms. Social eCommerce Media allows our merchants to have unlimited stores on unlimited sites, including Facebook. Our technology is so Dynamic that our store creates embed code that can be shared on any social media platform.

That is the most we will reveal outside of our LIVE exclusive ONLINE DEMO over (GoToMyPC).

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